Enjoy the landscape or the alfresco of the scenery, being out of the door in the mountain areas, in the rural places or on the foothills of the mountains including some high passes excluding the mountain climbing. See the country and experience / witness the different rituals and rites according to different ethnic groups, the costumes and cultures.


Hiking is an outdoor activity like trekking, though! Completed within a day and return in a day or two. You can go for close vicinity of your staying place during your holiday. It could be either exploration of closest countryside, or the place from where you can enjoy the mountain scenery and beautiful landscape, or for recreational purpose, or to increase fitness or to walk for pleasure being with nature on trails or on footpaths.

sight seeing

It is an activity of visiting some interesting places in an area. Especially by the people on holiday. For example, a waterfall. Or visiting a hill station to observe the mountains, could be a cave. Temples, historical monuments or museums etc.

Home stay

Staying and living with a local family to experience the authentic local feeling. Consume local foods from their garden and close observation to the family, their daily chores of the country side. Chance to enlighten yourself with the local tradition, culture, costumes, language and lifestyle.