Trekking is a journey on foot changing places each day. Basically Trekking means enjoying the exterior landscape or the alfresco of the scenery, being out of the door- in the  mountain areas, in the rural places or on the foothills of the mountains including some high passes excluding the mountain climbing. Trekking is obviously a journey on foot, leading through the trails. Beside, it is not only observing the scenery it is a way of learning the different aspects of life in the mountain side. Country life! Nepal itself is hilly and mountainous topographically. We have very less flat land which is only the Terai. And Nepal is famous for its abiding Himalaya where perennial snow glits. A magnet to the hungry eyes who are fascinated by the view. So you are attracted too which is the main attraction and why Nepal is famous for Trekking. So its also learning the way of life beliefs and practices of peoples. That is the reason why travelling makes you or gives you an opportunity to learn and to see the country. Your first hand experience being there will help you to witness the different rituals and rites according to different ethnic groups, the costumes and so on. Please let us know how you want us to help you? We are dedicated to the service you require.  

The trekking packages we offer are: