Amazing Mustang Trek

The amazing Mustang

Trek to Mardi Himal

$300 per person

Mustang trek is an exploration of the concealed valleys of upper Mustang in Nepal, nestled between Tibet and the Himalayas – a place different from the rest of the world.

12+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Departure Time
    Available On Call
  • Return Time
    Available On Call
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat and light jacket.
  • Included
    Amazing Mustang Trek
    Transportation to and from starting and ending point of the trek.
    Meals + Room
    All necessary permits( ACAP & TIMS) Guide and porter
  • Not Included
    If incase rescue costs eg. Helicopter cost
    Beverages items (Eg. cola, Beers, water etc.)
Day 1: Pokhara to Kagbeni Altitude: 2800 meters

We will take a morning flight from Pokhara to Jomsom and walk to Kagbeni which is about3-4 hours walk. As the rough road side in this section is bit busy we may use the jeep also to avoid the dust from running jeeps . (As the season here is of monsoon still in August. If the flight did not happen or cancelled because of bad weather we need to be prepared to leave pokhara using jeep also. It is because the permit from immigration office will be issued mentioning specific date of entry as we plan. So if we could not enter on that day one day would be loss from permit.If we have to use the jeep we will be staying in Jomsom coz we may not reach Kagbeni same day.)

Day 2: Kagbeni to Chaile Altitude: 3100 meters Time: 5 hrs

Kagbeni is the place from where resteicted area of Mustang starts. This is the station from where we have to register the special trekking permit from the government. After breakfast we will start if the level of the river is not high we can walk through river bank crossing river here and there to avoid first uphill, otherwise have to follow the road. After Kagbeni first village we reach would be Tangbe then Chuksang. Where we can have lunch then continue to Chele. Right after crossing the bridge if we look on back we can see pigeon holed caves on rocky cliff. After about an hour we will reach to Staying place called Chele.

Day 3 : Chele to Samar Altitude: 3620meters Time: 4 hours

We will start day as usual after breakfast. Walk for some time on jeep track till we reach to suspension bridge on left. Cross the bridge. Because of heavy expansion of road progress to connect to northern border. The walking path to Samar via cliff side is blocked. So we will follow through Ghyakar. Following the path in between mud walled side fields. Continue up. Then we can see two red rocks which they worship as god. Once a year. One of it on left for me looks like Sphinx of Egypt. As soon as we reach to the stream have to take left turn. For about an hour we will reach to a beautiful village called Samar which means red clay or soil in their language. Formarly this was the place where Khampa warrior soldiers used to take shelter in. This is the place we will stay tonight. Even the day being short because of altitude we will stay here.

Day 4 : Samar to Ghiling Altitude:3600 Time: 5-6 hrs

After breakfast we will leave this right after village we will descend and cross the small stream then follow up toward right. Continue up leaving temporary seasonal shephard ranch on right. Climb till hill top then follow right after few minutes walk take left again to descend. Landscape and rock formation here is amazing. Walking through the gorge is amazing. As soon as we reach one small stream have to cross it. And on left we can see prayer flags on cliff side. Where a cave called Chungsi is there. Inside which a small Gompa is located. Depending on season even one lama remains there. Then trail goes upward to Thenbochen where we will stop for lunch then continue up to ridge top. Take left turn we will meet road here after walking for some time on lower side we can see a big village called Ghiling. Means self sufficient. As history of village tells this was a sufficient village to survive in itself without support of others. Our night stay would be here.

Day 5 : Ghiling to Dhakmar Altitude:3820 Time: 5 hrs

After breakfast as usual we will leave village and continus upward to Zaite where only one house is located. We will follow the rough road or side of the road if expansion of road has not damaged. After zaite also it goes up. From the top side on the back if we turn some mountains are visible if weather permits. Then descend toward Ghemi. After almost half an hours walk down we can see Ghemi village and it barly fields. Where we will stop for lunch. After lunch we will descend little and go little up and we will see a long Mane wall. Acccording to the belief of the people and religion. Demon who was killed by one Rempoche . Whose intestine was kept underneath it . From there we will take toward the left heading to Dhakmar which means red rock. As we head toward Dhakmar on right of us we can see a red rock formation. There are some beliefs that some say same demon’s spread blood while shooting demon cause this some said lungs of the demon. Todays stay would be in Dhakmar.

Day 6 : Dhakmar to Tsarang Altitude:3560 Time: 5-6 hours

After leaving Dhakmar we will ascend till Ghar Gompa. Which is very important Gompa. It is told after killing that demon here the Gompa was established. After visiting Gompa we can eat around here wherever eating option available or walk further down to Marang have lunch and continue to Tsarang. It is a wide area. From here we can see some peaks of Annapurna, Nilgiri Yakagawa, khatungkang etc. We can explore village walking around and visiting Gompa.

Day 7 : Tsarang to Lomanthang Altitude: 3870 Time: 4 hours

We will leave village after breakfast. In the beginning descend a little Cross the stream taking right join to.the rough road and continue all the way to rough road we can see in few places those old human used caves. Which now become unreachable to human beings because of contineous erosion process of snow and wind and deepning rivers. Which form the cliff where those pre historic caves were. Some says when there was war in tibet they use those caves to hide them. Some said to protect from strong wind those cave houses were better than buildings. After crossing slopy flat pasture land we will reach to the edge. From where we could see lomanthang, Choser and migrated village from Sam dzong. It is wide and barren. Topography is strange very different from green hills. On the south if weather is clear we can see Annapurna and Nilgiri in the horizon. From this edge within 40 minutes we will reach to Lomanthang. Ancient walled City. Now there are houses adjoined to the ancient wall also. In few places that old wall was opened creating gates. We can walk inside the wall through narrow allays. But main palace is not allowed to visit. If rules are changed or palace will be finished repairing. Could be allowed by that time. We will stay night here.

Day 8 : Day trip to Choser village Time:5-6 hours both way

After breakfast we will head off to Choser village. We will follow through the road in the barren Tibetan side of the country. Which will obviously gives the semblance of Tibetan life when we will see or encounter the people from the dress they wear and facial expression and from language too. Actually dwellers of this Lo manthang are called Lowas. Even the language is known as Lowa. Within 2.5 hours we will reach to Choser. There is entry ticket to visit several storied ancient cave and few other caves we would be allowed to visit. For the foreigners have to buy 1000 rupees ticket per person. Within that ticket 4 different caves are permitted to visit. That is for the conservation of the caves. We can have our Lunch in this village either before visiting caves or after visiting caves. Then walk back to Lomanthang. There are different opinions about lomanthang lo means kingdom manthang means medicine or herbs.

Day 9 : Lomnthang to Ghemi Altitude:3510 meters Time: 6-7 hours

As usual we will start the . Finishing the main destination way begins to return. There are two options one is to follow same way back to Tsarang and taking right turn crossing a pass to.descend.down to Ghemi. In this side we have to follow the rough road or jeep track. Other option is follow right from lomanthang heading to Ghyar Gompa and continue down to Dhakmar and to join to Ghemi. We can decide which way to follow. Anyway our night stay would be in Ghemi.

Day 10 : Ghemi to Samar Altitude:3620 Time:5-6 hours

As our rerurn descent continues we will cross the pass before getting to Zaite . Descend to Zaite and take a right turn skipping down.hill to Ghiling. As soon as we reach to pass descend to Syangbochen wr will stop here for Lunch and continue down to samar via Bhena even if there is rough road side we can see bit different landscape. Our night stay would be in Samar.

Day 11 : Samar to Kagbeni. Altitude: 2800 meters Time: 5-6 hours

We will follow same way back to Chele via Ghyakar and down to chaile . Downhill would be quicker than up. So depending on timing either we will have Lunch in.Chele or 1 hour down to Chuksang. Then use jeep to return back to Kagbeni to exit from restricted area. This is the ending day of 10 days permit. If we exceed the limitation need to pay exta additional amount day wise. So reaching to Kagbeni will do night stay there

Day12:Kagbeni to Jomsom After we will leave Kagbeni, this part from Kagbeni to Jomsom as I mention earlier also. We have to follow the road and comparing to upper side traffic would be more in this section of the road. So we can use the jeep to return Doing additional visit to Muktinath Temple and blue natural flame. Where there are 108 spouts hindu people or devotees take bath in it and dip in the pond right in front of the temple. Then back down to Kagbeni collect the luggage back or we can put in the jeep before leaving Kagbeni. Then go to Jomsom stay the nigh
Day 12 : Jomsom to Pokhara. Altitude: 830 meters

Depending on weather we have to wait for flight back to pokhara. And have to make up your mind if in case flight do not happen to.return back to Pokhara on Jeep even if the condition of the road is not good. By that time road situation could be improved too.


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